Hosted Housing Host Registration

If you are an athlete or IGLA 2013 participant seeking hosted housing for the 2013 IGLA Championships please fill out the form found here: Hosted Housing.

Thank you for considering offering space in your home, apartment, or condo for visiting aquatics participants at the upcoming International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Championships August 13th – 18th, 2013.    The hosted housing experience is a great option that allows for participants to live the local experience a bit as well as save on the cost of lodging.  For some hosted housing is the only way they can afford to attend this event so your hospitality is appreciated.

Most of the competition is taking place at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way and the social events in the city of Seattle.  Most attendees will arrive on Monday, August 12th and depart Sunday, August 18th.

Hosted housing requests are coming in from participants through May 31st.  We may begin matching you with participants prior to this time but no later than the end of June.   We welcome hosts in a variety of locations and housing arrangements (sofabeds are good options too)  so don’t hesitate to let us know you are able to host.

In order for us to match you with someone requesting housing, please share information about you and the hosted housing arrangement you can offer:

Please contact the hosted housing coordinator at if you have questions or need to change what you are able to offer.